9DAYTRIP is an Americana Blues Rock Jam Band from Salisbury NC. In 2013 the group formed together to just jam and perform for friends and family. In late 2015 they performed their first public show with such a great crowd response that they decided to continue live performances which has taken them to over 50 locations and across 4 states so far. In 2016 they recorded an EP, with Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording, titled "Two Sides To Every Tale". They were nominated for Best Americana Group by the Carolina Music Awards that same year for their EP. In 2017 They released a new single titled "9 Day Trip" and again nominated for Best Americana Group and this time won the award! In 2018 the band released their first LP, again recorded with Rob Tavaglione, titled "Into The Great Unknown". Although they enjoy the studio, 9DAYTRIP live performances consist of high energy visual and audible experiences that are unlike any other. Their original story line songs are written based on true life events and have a way of relating directly to the listener.   


Shelby Stover

Vocals and Guitar

Chad Butler

Vocals and Guitar


Emanuel Wynter

Vocals and Violin

Terry Moore



Antonio Brown