9daytrip’s own recipe of soulful blues, homegrown Carolina country and rock-n-roll roots mixed with psychedelic jam presents an Americana sound all their own. Songwriters, singers, multi-instrumentalists Shelby Stover and Chad Butler formed a childhood friendship that creates a creative musical bond that can be heard throughout their incomparable, entangled harmonies and sounds.  Bassist, guitarist, percussionist Terry Moore’s lead bass style brings unique melodic support to solidify their harmonic and rhythmic style. Antonio ‘Aminal’ Brown’s intricate beats brings an overall rhythmic quality to the group and is an integral player in overlapping genres throughout the listeners audio experience. Classically trained multi-talented violinist, pianist, guitarist and vocalist Emanuel Wynter along with the band’s newest addition, multi-talented Willie Jones on keyboard, guitar, mandolin and vocals generate a fierce energy and anomaly of familiar but enigmatic sounds to the band’s realm. As a whole, the band’s diverse backgrounds and musical influences create an energized atmosphere that electrifies the air and tickles the bones of an often atypical audience.  They are currently working on their next LP at Catalyst. The band strives for this album to be their best work to date, as well as an addition to their already ample catalog of ingenious work. Although they enjoy the studio, 9daytrip live performances are exhilarating to both the audience and the band. Their novel story line songs have a way of intimately captivating to the listener in ways that are both personal and endearing. 
Carolina Music Awards Americana Group of the Year, 2017 
You Tube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUzvY0-tfl2-meQc3_QPWA 
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9DayTrip is back on our radar after wowing the crowd at last month's Crown Town Get Down 2 at Heist Brewery. The [quintet] showed complete command of the stage, poignant lyrics and harmonies, and tight musicianship during their hour long set. Rooted in blues, americana, and country, the band continue to make a name for themselves in the greater Piedmont area and are not to be missed.” - Records on the Wall - Charlotte's Live Music

Records on the Wall - Charlotte's Live Music Resource

The band deftly combines the entire scope of Carolina's influences like country, bluegrass, gospel, soul, blues and rock into their own recipe.” - Rob Tavaglione, Catalyst Recording

— Catalyst Recording

...I had never heard of them and they started playing and blew me away. The whole set was unbelievable.” - Ryan Sawyer, Petty Theft Films

— Music Crowns - News & Media Website


9daytrip at Give Cancer the Boot Concert

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